Smallston by SuperbusRGB

This is the adventure of an unnamed 18 year old living with his two adult sisters, just about to start college.

Please read before commenting:

What began as playing around with quest has turned into an actual story that I felt could be published. I've learned more as I go so newer scenes will be more complex, but I'm still learning. I've run through and tried to clean some stuff up already, but I'm sure I've missed some typos and whatnot. I'll try to address any broken interactions as soon as possible.

The story is mostly unaware for now but I'm working on other encounters. I've designed most encounters to be branching with only a couple death scenes. There are four pretty well established characters at this point which I will be adding more diverse interactions with. My primary foci will be anal vore and breast/nipple vore as they are my preferred fetishes. The main character isn't indestructible and all interactable characters will be female 18+. The main character will remain nameless and the only defining factor that really describes him, is the "him" pronoun. Might make a script for adaptive character creation, but that would take a lot of work to redo, so I think I'm just gonna roll with it until I start a new game. This is pretty fun to screw around with.

My priorities are to add more girls and random encounters as well as adding more end game stuff. You'll know what I mean when you reach it. I also want to finish the ending, but for now I think I did a pretty good job scripting a few of the games played at the ending. There's also a teleport code to the end of the game that will be given when you reach that point. Try not to share the code in the comments. It's not that hard to get to the end as there's only a few actual death scenes at the moment. Use the code in your bedroom. In the next version I'll add checkpoint codes to bring you to a specific location.

Fetishes the game currently includes:

- Anal vore (mostly clean)
- Nipple vore
- Body exploration
- Unbirth
- Oral vore (softcore)
- Full tour
- Reverse full tour
- Foot interactions
- Fart torture
- Digestion
- Lesbian
- Worship
- Urination
- Scat

What the game may include in the future:
- Urethra vore
- Same size

What the game will never include:
- Male interactions
- Futa

I may have missed some fetishes in the giantess category, open to suggestions. We'll see.

Enjoy playing!

Thank you so much for all the positive reviews and help in narrowing down the locations of bugs! It's been a huge help!

PS: If you have an idea for an interaction or new girl feel free to run it by me in a PM.

v0.01 - 10/27/2020:
- Initial release.

v0.02 - 10/29/2020:
- Fixed some grammatical errors.
- Fixed Alexis and Kiera so they should actually work now.
- Fixed a bug in the cafe.
- Added a couple scenes with Sherry in the afternoon.

v0.03 - 10/29/2020
- Completlely overhauled the hamster game. Should be winnable now and girls will spawn in their respective zones properly on consecutive matches.
- Added a few checkpoint codes to skip to certain parts areas/times of day. There are currently 5, including the end game code. Again, please don't post these in comments, they're meant for players who've gotten that far on their own.

v0.04 - 11/6/2020
- Bug and typo fixes.
- Added a tentative win/lose ending. Will be expanded on.
- Kiera should be available when teleporting now.
- New girl added. Very short interaction for now. (Cafe)

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Review by Markuslovesass
09 Jun 2024
Amazing. Really good

Review by Clayblox12
03 Apr 2024

Review by Box box
23 Nov 2022
Is good. .

Review by pxycho
09 Nov 2022
man another phenomenal one.
it's just amazing. great writing, simple scripting, and nothing gets in something elses way. puzzles have grown to become a burden on alot of these games, but this one does it differently. its just basically "go here and you get what you want"
great game. too bad it never went beyond what it was

Review by Lrodshrek
18 Oct 2022
Pretty Noice

11 Apr 2022
Good game, though the hamster game is very difficult.

Review by Kikeron
25 Mar 2022
I love this game but needs an update

Review by piip
12 Dec 2021
Please update this

Review by boons123
08 Nov 2021
Easily one of the best on the site, it's a shame it wasn't developed further.

Review by jiyoh25626
06 Nov 2021
Overrated af

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