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Its tough to decide what's better about this game - a largely accurate description of elite bewilderment at the social and bureacratic mechanisms of Pakistan, or the fact that it's extremely fucking funny.

The game is intricately detailed, which means that beyond the process of making choices and scoring arbitrary points, you are also reading into a quite plausible account of just about everything (from Aalia's rejection to Allah Ditta's joints to the bribe to the thullas) that a prospective burger bacha can experience while figuring out this voting business. In that way, its a far truer depiction of what this election would mean for the people you know than anything you read about in overly sentimental op-eds and music videos.

And hopefully, if you manage to cast your vote eventually, you'll walk away with a feeling that's probably going to be a lot closer to the realiy than those inflated ideas of self-actualisation and harmony with the universe everyone else claims its going to be.