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A shame that the grammar isn't up to par, no disrespect but "An arrow crash into your partner." Is the style of typographical errors to which you can expect.
However, the actual concept of the game is gripping and addicting. It's frustrating, as the gameplay and game (story) is incredible.
The problem is the grammar.
With a small amount of editing, a proof read for example, you could make an amazing game here. At the moment, a potentionally dramatic moment can be spoiled by spelling. I'd recommend an update. Cheers.

Review for Alien
25 Jul 2016
Luckily, you can simply publish updates whenever. The first page was well written, so i think as updates come in this could be a solid game! Good luck!

02 May 2016
This game, although rather humours, also managed to be both entertaining and meaningful as well. I think it's incredibly well written, and being from England myself, I found it all the more good. So, I'd play it again, for the three different endings are nearly as rewarding as how you get there.

Review for Wanderlust
20 Apr 2016
While I absolutely failed and died on my first attempt, I must commend this game, for I can appreciate the time it must take to make this game. While some grammatical errors did exist, barring me from giving a full 5 star, I must say this game is incredibly solid. It deserves more positive attention, and I feel (referring to other reviewers) rating this one star is completely unfair.
Good day!

28 Jan 2016
I read this, and wow. It was really, really good. It isn't like anything else on this site, and I applaud the creativity.

Review for The Hospital
04 Nov 2015
I have to congratulate you on this game, my friend. Looking through the newest games, I had been struggling to find a good one for a while. When I found yours, I had to play it a few times as I wanted to see if I could get every ending. It takes skill to make a game so that, even after you win, you can still enjoy it!