A Very Un-British Civil War by MasterMcAvie

Survive as a scrawny, effeminate white hipster boy when the UK collapses into a chaotic mess of ethnic, religious and political violence.

Face down Islamists, neo-Nazis, anarchist gangs and rapacious looters in this brutal struggle for survival, forced by circumstance to leave your old weaknesses behind.

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Review by nathandrake77
08 Mar 2020
It's Fun, sometime I laugh but This is not a comedy, almost. but I love this! Good job

Review by karinchan999
29 May 2018
This is indeed kind of odd and unique in a way. It's got suggestive themes in it but it's part of reality because it happens. Although the storyline reminds me of movies that does contains nothing but curses, violence and sex. It's still a good game and fun to play. It's not that long and also not that short. Fantastic work!

Review by dingdong.com
02 Apr 2017
Very weird game. If you like giving blowjobs to Punks, fighting Neckbeards, participating in Communist orgies, and mowing down hordes of Social Justice Warriors, then this game is for you.

Review by WolfGang111
06 Sep 2016
Killed everyone I could and saved Britain

Review by British Brony
02 May 2016
This game, although rather humours, also managed to be both entertaining and meaningful as well. I think it's incredibly well written, and being from England myself, I found it all the more good. So, I'd play it again, for the three different endings are nearly as rewarding as how you get there.

Review by Barrycalhoun
02 May 2016
Eh, had a little bit of fun. A bunch of sexual stuff were it shouldn't fit in (actually 99% of it) and besides that... Overall was a good game... With odd choices. And how will a crusader armed with a bloody m90 give it to a scrawny hipster dressed up as a kkk grand wizard.... Oddly enough.... I had fun at most points

Review by DarknessPast
01 May 2016
I don't care what kind of radical views are presented here, because I got to save an extremely hot girl, slaughter retarded, mindless infidels, beat the living shit out of a stereotypical white trash Jersey douche and spray his girlfriend, kill even more mindless fucks, and live to tell about it all without just a scratch and that beautiful piece of flesh I mentioned previously. All in all, a fucking amazing game with perfect action, a perfect plot, and a perfect ending. I want to present thank the author for creating such an awesome, satisfying game, for I perceive many replays to come in my future. Thanks again, cool sir. Cheers.

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