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16 Jul 2015
I just... wow.
I like how you're allowed to approach the game like a normal person. In most of these text based/ choose your own your character is dynamic in some way. Here, you're just Average Joe or Normal Jane.

Oh, sure you work on a tourist moon base, but you're still a regular person. I like the options to keep things professional, even when [stuff] hits the fan. But you're also guided into building a relationship in a rather normal way as well.

Sure you could just be a total jerk to everyone and avoid them while they're there, but you can also just let things happen as if it were really you in the game. The immersion level is fantastic.

I agree somewhat with MisterPibb316: the game has a very specific style. But for me I enjoy EVERY style, so this is a great refresher from both heavier-choiced games and lighter, silly ones. No, nothing overly crazy is going to happen. The pace is rather sedated compared to an action or adventure story. This is definitely, solidly a romance/human experience game. And it's that human experience that a lot of games actually lack, and what makes this game so stellar, even if replays have a general similarity to them.

Review for Ye Olde Barbershop
08 Jul 2015
Very amusing, and fairly short.

I really like the Elizabethan English bit, but unfortunately the grammar is terrible, and some (many) of the words are wrong. It is readable, though.