Creatures Such As We by Lynnea Glasser

A dating sim about how humanity connects through art, even out in the vastness of space.
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Review by spoonλess
19 May 2024
i have this on mobile and i was excited to find out it's on here as well! such a well-crafted and beautiful story.

Review by Lapbell001
24 Oct 2019
What a fantastic story, art everything. marvelous concept.

Review by Sunflower Queen
28 Sep 2019
Absolutely beautiful. I felt like I was really out there in space

Review by Batialite
06 Jul 2019
Beautiful and compelling story. I love the use of the in-game videogame as a metaphor for the endings in the actual text based game. I got very invested in my chosen character path, and I love the options you're given. Nearly made me cry.

Review by Scartell
19 Jul 2018
This was one of the most beautiful stories and text adventure I had ever played and read. Character development was incredible and it was extremely realistic. I look forward to more games like this.

Review by Upwon
01 Jul 2018
This is incredible! It's art! The characters, the story, how meta it is... It's fantastic. A review doesn't do it justice. An amazing piece. Love it

Review by ARCtype
11 Feb 2018
I don't understand all the comments raving over this. I wasn't that engaged in the actual story, though the video game within the game was pretty interesting. I liked that, as well as the psychological aspects of the ending of the game within the game. But in the actual game, my motivations for wanting to help certain characters didn't mean I wanted the character to be romantically interested in them, and suddenly the game thinks I'm wanting to make a love connection with a character I find pretty annoying.

Review by pi-rightponderer
27 Nov 2017
What an engaging adventure! It's fantastic to have so many opportunities to flesh out your character while exploring such an immersive environment. I definitely had the feeling of playing a game within a game, and I honestly felt like the themes the character was grappling with would come into play in your own choices - I was not disappointed! Overall, a wonderfully thoughtful and moving story, and I look forward to playing it all over again.

Review by Jacob Eden
14 Jun 2017
This is freaking beautiful. <3

Creatures Such as We is an artistic masterpiece - thought-provoking, engaging and spectacularly written...

Thank you so much for this, Lynnea.


Review by Baffer
10 Feb 2017
Ok I have something to get off my chest. I have never felt more attached in a game. Your ending pissed me off at first. Now I couldn't have loved it more. You are much more then a developer or writer. Your an artist. Trully someone special. A creator. And I hate you for making me love ren then only letting me be with her at the end. The kind of imagination it takes to do what you did. I don't understand how you could be so talented its really not even fair... Anyway ranting through hurry up with the next game. Before I die of boredom. Nothing I have played lives up to this standard now.

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Published 01 Oct 2014
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