Text Realms: Interactive Fiction Browser

Hey all,

I made a little program. It is quite literally little; currently at 250 K , and consisting of a single executable file.

It's a browser for text adventures. This means you host your files on web directories that you control throughout the internet, and the little browser navigates to them, reading out your room descriptions, and using the commands you've defined to read out the descriptions that result from these commands.

A room that you make consists of a web directory (ie. www.someplace.com/somedirectory) , which hosts a number of text (.txt) files, written in windows notepad or other similar programs. Your main room description is called room.txt. And all of the other text files you make to describe any of the features of the room that are accessed by commands are called whatever you like. The command centre file is a simple .ini file, called room.ini, that you can also make in windows notepad and saved with that extension instead of .txt. It consists of a list of commands, each command followed by an equal sign, which is followed by the name of the text file that your custom command summons into the browser. A command can, instead, be followed by an equal sign and the url of a web directory as a portal to another room.

It's extremely simple and accessible, and allows people to stash their creatively written virtual worlds across the internet and link them.

I would GREATLY appreciate your feedback if you would have a look at the program. As I say, it's a tiny thing, and will be a fast download of one file.

The browser, in its current form, also has a simple adventure I created with the goal of finding a way out of the space. And the goal provides you with a password at the end. No one has yet beat the room, but the first person who can comment (here, or on one of my facebook posts) with the password will get a special mystery gift mailed to them that I picked up in a local hand craft shop.

Thank you! :) You can find the deets here:


-T. Shawn Johnson (Whystler)

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