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Ivyyrd added a comment for Endless, Nameless
hello, from 2021 i totally love this game, currently figuring out the maze. i don't think the author will see this, but maybe at the startup you could make it to start also by clicking/tapping the screen. So it can also be played in the mobile phone/table. Thx. i really love it.
4 hours ago
Floating_Turtles added a review for Crawling Up The Walls.
The game wasn't very interactive but in terms of writing it definitely sets the mood in the few lines it does have. I love the dark tone set and it really gives the game character! The creator says that it has no true meaning, but I could definitely see the beginnings of one. I recommend for an ...

4 hours ago
HarperLama541 added a comment for The Shack
This game is really good but I am stuck on just the first level, being in the shack. Could anyone care to explain how to open the trunk I have tried everything and nothing is working?
4 hours ago
KittyKat1415 added a comment for Digesting Into My Girlfriend's Boobs
@WW10030, you can also just play it online by clicking the "play online" button. If you'd prefer to use quest, then you'd actually need to download the game into quest to actually play it. You can either look for it in quest, or just press the "Download file" button just ...
11 hours ago
KittyKat1415 added a comment for shrunk in a strangers bedroom
Ok, can everyone stop saying stuff like "this sucks"? If you read the text, you'd know that this here is a demo, meaning this isn't finished yet, and, granted it probably will never be finished, but we won't know until the future. so Robomarine, if you're still working o n ...
11 hours ago

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