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tacocats44 added a review for Kira
amazing game but i dont know what to do i run around but i dont know what to do

Ater Imber added a review for Choice of Zombies
Well, it took me 4 play throughs, but I think I finally got the best ending. My last round, I managed to get Kayden and Michelle to the house on the island, and find the info in the cellar. It came down to me and Kayden, (both infected) and I managed to get her out the window before the zombies comp ...

sitehomes added a review for The Shack
Really liked the atmosphere and the mystery of it. The world seems very logical and everything has a reason why it is there. The riddles were very nice but at times too hard for me. **SPOILER** For example, as a non-native speaker I don't know what you are referring to with "cultivator ...

Zarha added a review for Try to capture sasuke
I tried them all and they were all bad endings this is the worst thing ever

2 days ago

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