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BluedBarren added a comment for Warrior Cat RPG (link to the remade game)
1 hours ago
BluedBarren added a comment for Warrior Cat RPG
Hello again! I have been actively working on the game all day long. Here are the following updates! • A whole ton of new routes and choices for male Ivorykit, leading up to the point of becoming an apprentice. Right now, you can only be apprenticed as a warrior. • An allegiances page and territo ...
3 hours ago
TensaZangetsu added a comment for The Hotel
for all those with a broken game I found out if you turn your sound off it fixes it with a new file or save before the game broke, so I think its a problem with the sound.
14 hours ago
BluedBarren added a comment for Warrior Cat RPG
Right now, only the male version of Ivorykit's path is available. The reason for this is because I am first planning out all the possible paths through Ivorykit. Once this is finished, I will update all the other characters with these paths. It will be almost cut and paste, since the gender and ...
20 hours ago
BottlecapJazz added a comment for Warrior Cat RPG
Already seems to have a lot of promise just from the base writing! I will be waiting to rate it until it get future updates, cannot wait to see what you do!
22 hours ago

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