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Ultra Blue Moon added a comment for Pokemon A Different Way | Pokemon Ultimate Vore Game
Would there be any human giantess? Like Misty, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny and so on.
16 hours ago
HighImpactMoth added a comment for Vampiric Giantesses
I said in one of my comments here that I will be releasing a new update at the weekend, this is a little inaccurate as I am travelling to a convention from Friday to Sunday so it will most likely come out sometime next week instead, kind of forgot my old plans while I made new plans.
Wyvern4690 added a review for Shrunk at High-School
is good but it not letting me do stuff that are not in the place and object

XanMag added a comment for Xanadu - The World's Only Hope, Part 2 - Revenge
I made fairly decent progress on X3 before hitting a massive wall made mostly from real-life bricks. My plan is to pick back up in the summer once school is over and these students will allow me time to breath. So, I look to complete the final 50-60% over the next 3 months. Again, thanks so m ...
ChimesS added a comment for Tiny life
Good game,hope u updat it soon.You could describe better some objects like the boots on the bus.But i really liked it

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