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Foxglove added a comment for The Life of a Warrior Cat
Okay, I think I know what's going on now. I'd wait until tomorrow and it'll probably be fixed. Fingers crossed! Also I'm going to announce a new game that I'm working on but haven't published yet. I just started it, and it's going to be kind of like this game, but with ...
5 hours ago
Foxglove added a comment for The Life of a Warrior Cat
Hello... I'm experiencing a glitch right now. I don't know if you all have this too, but I can't open any "Quest" type of games. Unfortunately that means that I cannot view my published game, which means I can't update anything for now. I'll start updating immediately a ...
6 hours ago
Foxglove added a review for Warrior Cats: Prophecies Arising
I'm sorry for the poor reviews you have. I'm going to give this five stars, just to improve your ratings. It must be hard for your story to be added to the sandpit, like, first thing. Your spelling isn't terrible, as the reviewers hint at. I think it's perfectly fine for a beginner. ...

8 hours ago
Foxglove updated The Life of a Warrior Cat
12 hours ago
Foxglove added a review for Warrior Cats - Life in NightClan {PART 1}
I really enjoyed your little story! It's very similar to a story that I'm working on. Some of our names are even the same. I also have a cat that I want to be inserted into your game. Her name is Willow, and she is a loner who has yellow eyes and grey-and-white splotched fur. She is patient ...


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