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TheUpperDiamond added a comment for Star City!!
Font color makes the text barely readable. Why is the font color white?
GavinReed added a review for Heroes!
Lovely short fairytales. The artworks and the color scheme is super cute too. Gives me nostalgia of reading children's story books when I was younger. My favorite is Ziekfrin.

GavinReed added a review for The Lord of the Rings: All Paths Lead to Doom
This gives me much joy. So many cracked up funny moments I could quote. It's an absolute travesty that no one else has reviewed this game yet.

2 days ago
GavinReed added a review for Bear Dating Simulator
I just find it funny that this game is surprisingly relevant this year due to the poll debate going around about the majority of women choosing to be alone in the woods with a bear rather than a man. Would love to see a revamp of this game

2 days ago
CrimsonHawk12 added a comment for Shrink Test Lab
Yeah, a year goes by so quickly. I still have faith we will see an update.
3 days ago

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