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DatBoi321 added a review for Trump Simulator
Why does the game end with Hilary going to prison for not thanking the bus driver? Thats dumb. This should be a work in progress. Keep it up and you can get better reviews. Make it realistic and longer.

7 hours ago
Omega_Gamer added a review for Great Depression Day simulator.
Thank you for a great program. There was just an error when I looked at the clothes. Other than that it was really educational and fun to play. Thank you for your hard work!

7 hours ago
skull_0530 added a review for Great Depression Day simulator.
This game completely blew me away! This Game is so educational and can really help us learn about the Great depression. It really give me an experience as if I was really there. I also like the physiological implications. Read the description first first time players. It is really good.

8 hours ago
Squirrelpawz added a review for Warrior cats
What the fuck is this? I came here to play not type🖕

12 hours ago
RogerWilliams added a review for Night House
Night House was fantastic. The puzzles and the story are great. I won't forget this game anytime soon. I highly recommend playing it.

16 hours ago

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