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BambisMom added a comment for The Shack
Thank you for a great game! Amazing! Everyone should play this to see how a real mystery is folded in on itself
an hour ago
BambisMom added a review for The Shack
Gripping! Cannot wait for Shack 2! Atmosphere like no other IF I've played. Felt the wind!

an hour ago
Shinigami-chan added a review for The Crystal
The SE is Kinda cheap with the Couple of Silent Ender Deaths but all in all it's Decent for what it is.

18 hours ago
SomeCallMeDavid added a review for Shrunk at College
The game itself is a delight to play and experience. Personally I'm not a fan of violent deaths, and I'd prefer a lot more fluff where the ladies in question just have fun with the player, but there's a good balance. My only problem is that the website constantly glitches out and the gam ...

Brpdchainsaw added a review for The Land Of The Mistress[Vore] WIP
This looks like a good start, keep working at it!


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