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Zero Kaikashi added a review for RWBY OC DATING SIM
This is good, will you ever continue it?

9 hours ago
puppup099 added a review for High School Crush
i understand this a wip, but please finish it!

10 hours ago
puppup099 added a comment for Warrior Cats : Choose your own adventure!
please finish this. it already looks AMAZING!
10 hours ago
puppup099 added a review for Warrior Cats: Path Of A Warrior
just boring. and your WAAAAAYYYYY to OP in my opinion. what cat catches 5 mice in 1 hunting trip? how do you even cary them all back? also idk if its just my comp or what but i have to keep scrolling up to read it. also; you: gets paranoid because you saw a leaf and thought it was enemy cat rest ...

10 hours ago
Blunderbutt69 added a review for The city a giantess and vore game
GOLD STAR!... Well actually more like 4... anyway keep up the good work

20 hours ago

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