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Victory 9954 added a review for Shrunk at College (12/16/18 UPDATE)
It is obvious when someone is into their work. Even though Sheograth10 doesn't get anything in return, the story is both understandable and entertaining. It is a five next to others.

9 hours ago
CatTheWierdo added a comment for Pokemon
Lets you take all three starters
14 hours ago
mikecari added a comment for Shrunk at High-School
I'm glad you're ok Paras, I legitimately thought something happened to you. Is there anything in the new update?
19 hours ago
Ultra Blue Moon added a comment for Fun shrinking the girls
This should either be remade by someone else, or you can just update it more, either way it needs to be a full game, if I have to I'll do it myself/
BEBEANDRES added a comment for The Daycare ( A ABDL Tale )
no vale la pena

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