I'm stuck in a game!

Oh no! Some games can be fiendishly difficult. All the games on this website are contributed by users - which means that we don't know the solutions either!

Your best bet is to post a comment on the game itself. Hopefully, either the author of the game, or another player, will be able help you out.

I need help with Quest or Squiffy

If you need help making a game with Quest, please take a look at the Quest documentation or the Squiffy documentation first.

If you're still stuck, please try the forums – somebody may have already asked the same question, so it's a good idea to search first. Please make sure to post all the detail you can about your problem, including whether you are using the on-line editor or have downloaded Quest and are working off-line. If you can upload the file you're working on, or copy-and-paste any relevant code into your post (in Quest, click the "Code View" button), that often helps a lot so we can see how you've set things up.

I need help with my account

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it here.