Another game idea: Online dating sim

(not an online game; but a dating sim that is intended to simulate online dating with some fetish elements)

(I'd like to make this, but I suck at writing romantic dialogue. I speak code better than English. So anyone else who likes the idea…

Remote Control

You are in a long distance relationship, communicating over an online chat system (maybe with occasional pictures after certain events). And after a little conversation, you’ve decided to try hypnosis, as a way that you can actually do something together. You have a variety of suggestions to give your partner, maybe some of them unlocked by guess-the-verb, and maybe some of them can be used in combination. Each one takes a different amount of time to use, out of the time allotted for each date. You might be able to get more time by asking your partner to drop other leisure activities, but you'd pay for that by reducing their trust and/or relaxation.
So you’d have a choice of posthypnotic suggestions: fun erotic stuff (like being able to feel your touch when you describe actions online); or more intense D/s stuff (like only being able to wear the clothing you choose, or being unable to use certain words); or some degree of personality change (which could be either good or bad for work); or self-help type stuff (but they’re less likely to enjoy that).

You have a limited amount of time for each conversation, after which you have to wait for your next “date”, which will probably start with your partner telling you about things that happened during the intervening days. They will have some activities in their schedule (such as work, studies, meetings with RL friends, and similar). Some of these are one-off events that occur on a particular day, some are repeating events (like “day at work”) which might have randomly-ordered events within them (“argument between coworkers” etc).

Each event can be modified if there are some ongoing suggestions in play. So if you give your partner trigger phrases to respond to that might come up in the real world; or if you spend time trying to improve their study skills, it might make events play out differently.

Each suggestion you can give them will take a certain amount of time in your session. If you run over, then they will be tired in the morning, which might have an effect (usually negative) on the next day’s event. So you have limited time to do all the things you want to do; but reinforcing a previous suggestion will take less time than giving a new one, so it should be possible to juggle a variety of post-hypnotic suggestions.

There might even be some events which are unlocked by your response to previous ones. There would be at least 3 distinct endings. You might find that whatever you’re doing is too much of a distraction and your partner loses her job due to odd behaviour at work. Then they can travel across the country to meet you, if they’ve saved up enough money, but that’s pretty much a “bad ending”. The good endings might be that your partner gains confidence through trying new things and is happy to move to live with you, having been more successful; or that you manage to improve their focus and drive as well as doing fun stuff, so they get a promotion and a huge house that’s big enough for you to move in. Or, I suppose, you don’t do enough fun stuff and they say they don’t want to carry on any more.

(I'd like to make this, but I suck at writing romantic dialogue. I speak code better than English. So anyone else who likes the idea…

So a game about dating androids then?

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