Question about the Conversations: Library

So, I've only just started working on my first game, but I can already tell I need libraries to fill in the gaps, or I'm going to be working at this for the next 15 years ^^;;

That lead me to finding this Conversations Library thing. Problem is, I can barely wrap my head around it, and I don't know if it can do what I need, or if I'll have to scrap using it. Mainly, I'm writing an RPG Text Adventure, with a rather detailed Character Creation system that includes, among other things, 3 Social Skills that I need to reference for conversations: Charm, Intimidate, and Deceive.

The Library seemed like it would work at first glance, since it DOES have a Script option, but I realized rather quickly it happens AFTER the text. I'm also not sure if I can use that to make restrictions on what can be done based on your skills (or lack there-of). There's also suppose to be Race- and Class-based restrictions and benefits. And Alignment-based benefits might be added if my Alignment system turns out okay when I get around to working on it (it's probably the next thing after I finally build the starting area and finish character customization).

Does anyone know if this is possible? And if it is, how I'd go about doing it?

I think you can probably do what you want using the ShowTopic and HideTopic functions to enable or disable conversation options depending on the player's stats/class/etc.

How do I use those? I am using the GUI, so if it requires coding, I'll need clear instructions on what to do.

I think I found it. There's an option that lets me show/hide objects. Didn't seem to have any impact on the Conversation options though.

Okay, that wasn't it, but I get it now. I needed to use call function. And it did work.

you got two choices:

  1. use a (someone else's) library/code-design and learn how to use it
  2. create your own code/library/code-design and thus learning how to do/code stuff yourself

well.. there's a third choice too.. loo....

  1. find someone else to do it for you (for free or for pay, lol)

both, require some/lots of learning (unless you're already a good coder/programmer and game maker and designer, and you already know quest or can easily learn it, of course, lol)

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