I've got a world…

Just came to me, a kind of crazy idea. Wishing I could make a game tied in to one of my books, so I've got some direction rather than poking whatever seems like a good idea at the time. And sometimes it feels like I've thought so much about creating a world, and the story I've written only scratches the surface. There must be other stories in those worlds, but I just can't see them.
And then I thought…

I know it's a silly idea, something that probably only works well if a big-name author does it. But it's worth a shot; and I always love to see what other people make of my worlds (based on experience of one friend from uni writing "fanfic"). So, I figure I might as well ask :-p

Would anyone like to make a game set in the world of The Unknown? I'll try to help you get a grip on the world, and offer any details that didn't make it into the final book. And if somebody creates a game in my world, I'll offer you a copy of my book (sorry, that's about all the prize I can afford right now).
Yeah, that's a competition that would work better if it was a book that's sold thousands of copies. But I figure it might catch somebody's interest.

Could you link your book again? I think I saw a link somewhere...? The Unknown... is that the book? Anyway, not promising anything, but I always love a good challenge. The downside... X3 might get a little jealous.

I think I linked somewhere.

The Unknown should be the right link. Not got any reviews yet, but fingers crossed. Had a few copies sold, at least.

Not sure how much I should say about it; but it's the story of two colonies on Mars, with very different ideologies.

(I'd offer the same contest for Hope City, too, if there's more interest in that. I've got a dozen short stories in that world out now, and the novel hopefully some time this year or next)

So... can I write a game set in the world if I haven't read it? Do I read it first (which I would be glad to do) or will you give me enough info to write a game? I think option one is a must, right? or not? Let me know!

Email is [email protected] if you'd prefer to email me.

2 opposite/nemesis colonies on mars huh...

not quite the same, but it could give you some ideas...


also, take a look at Alpha Centauri (and xpac: Alien Crossfire) game by Firaxis (a Sid Meiers game):


I'd appreciate if you read it, because that's where my income comes from. But if you'd rather not, I can try to summarise some of the story.

Here be spoilers Some of the scientists in the original space race didn't like having to work against the people from another country; they thought that if all of humanity worked together, we'd advance faster. After man had walked on the moon, and governments were slowly cutting back on their space spending, a bunch of these guys (from both sides) got together, pooled their resources, found some wealthy like-minded individuals, and went to establish a semi-permanent base on the Moon. Years later, they used it as a staging post to put the first colony on Mars. And then years after _that_, they removed their Mars colony and set off for Europa.

Later. Early 21st century. Another group of scientists (led by the lunatic Emmanuel Wallace) decided to organise a 'secret' mission to Mars. They saw themselves as refugees, fleeing anti-intellectual persecution in politics at the time. They never knew they were the second group until they got to the Moon and found an existing staging post. They removed any trace of both their base and the predecessors when they left, hoping to make it harder for anyone to find them. Back on Earth, anyone who says Wallace actually went to Mars is treated the same as someone who thinks Elvis is still alive; they're crazy. On Mars, some of them found a 'treasure map' left by the predecessors, and decided to follow. Those who remained were in trouble because they only just had enough people and resources left to make their colony viable; so they decided that the existence of the predecessors was top secret. In fact, it's the only big secret in their society.

Fast forward to 2069. We've had the technology to go to Mars for decades, but as far as we know nobody has. Partly because of the cost, partly because the corporations who run Earth (there are still governments, but they're pretty ineffectual) couldn't see enough profit in it, and partly because it's hard to find people who are willing to go knowing that they won't be able to get back. The cost of carrying fuel there and back is prohibitive; so it's only possible if you accept that you're going to be staying there, in a pressurised 'camp' made by bolting five ships together on the surface. Five ships, 301 people, just enough to make a viable and self-sufficient camp until someone can follow them.

They're about a week into exploring the immediate area when they find evidence of the previous expedition; three underground cities, and three generations of Martians. A people whose culture and laws are based on a group of super-genius political scientists and game theorists trying to make a 'perfect' socialist society. Things are going to be tense. The bosses back on Earth even say there might be war; but with an hour delay in communications, and after three years in space, the people of Camp Wayland will take their own Commander's opinion over that of the sponsors back home.

Somehow, I've also ended up spending an hour working out Martian Rules Football, even though it's only mentioned once in the book :p

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