Advice on Game I’m Making

Hi, I hope this is the right forum for this.

I’m new to using quest and am currently making a village to design all of the mechanics I want for the game before replicating it and spending the next several years making a massive world.

My current goals are:

  1. Make the layout of the village with building interiors.
  2. Add descriptions.
  3. Add objects to fill the locations.
  4. Add NPCs.
  5. Give more life to NPCs instead of standing around all day.
  6. Make a day and night cycle.
  7. Make weather.
  8. Make seasons.
  9. Make attributes for player and npc health, hunger, thirst, warmth, fatigue, sanity, infant, and honor.
  10. Add narrative and quests through the world.

This is all a huge task and all of it I see being accomplished over a long period of time.

I wanted to present my idea here to see if anyone had tips and advice for me.

The main focus is to accomplish all goals within the village and then I can add to the world more easily since the mechanics will be made.

Thanks for your time.

As a writer and game master (Dungeon Master for you DnD fans), I highly, highly recommend using or developing some sort of randomization tool to flesh out the interiors of your village. You already know why - it's going to take you nearly forever to create all that detail. I have seen too many people go through all that effort to recreate the setting that they imagine so clearly, only to burn out and abandon their project.

Once you figure out how to randomize all the little details, you can apply the same technique to creating the rest of your world. In my day, we did it on paper, with simple lists and a roll of the dice. With computers, it harder because the presentation needs to adapt to that which is being presented. To avoid that, keep things simple. Use presentation text like, "You see:

~Good luck!

Thank you, how much should I depend on interior random generation compared to handwriting? I think the bulk of npc houses should have that, but should I do a randomization of interiors by type like all blacksmiths across the world have randomization, etc.

How much you rely on randomization really depends on the size of the world and how much effort you're willing to expend. From the scope of the world that you described, I'd say you're going to rely on randomization heavily.

I hope you have dabbled in the use of Quest extensively before jumping in to what you have described. I probably, without exaggeration, have 100+ games/pieces of games saved on my computer and I have published only a small handful.

My X3 game has a lot of what you have described on a “local” scale. I have day/night, weather, building types that respond to attributes, a makeshift combat system/equipment system. I mention this for two reasons: 1. Shameless plug, 2. You can take a look at it when you might need to.

Good luck!

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