A Cool Writing Organization and Worldbuilding Tool

Hey guys, hope you're all having a good day.

I've been recently working on an old IF project of mine and going back through looking at the forums for help and such. But I thought I'd share a cool tool that I've been using for my project.

I've been using a website called Plotist to organize the million and one elements, rooms, characters, etc for my story and its pretty useful. They're coming out of Beta in October, and they're 100% free until November (and public worlds are free period).

Their world organizer/builder tool is great for organizing rooms, elements, characters and events.
They have a timeline system for laying out tracks
They have collaboration for as many people as you want
Public stories are always going to be free, private stories will also be free until November

Website here: https://www.plotist.com/
You can check out my world if you want to see how all the elements and stuff look: https://www.plotist.com/profiles/julie/worlds/julie-partha/elements

Hope you guys find this useful!

This doesn't seem any different than using 'pinterest dot com' (aside from some filter features), but I presume the paid version has more useful features ???

I have used many tools in the past, in the end I found they never quite did it correctly so I created my own.

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