"LarkBound" Yume Nikki Meets EarthBound

This is a little project I started working on a few days ago. It started as a joke, a little text adventure game made for my friends with a bunch of stupid memes, but once I started to get into it, I decided to make a surrealist kind of Yume Nikki esque experience. It uses assets directly from Yume Nikki, so I don't think I would want it on the Yume Nikki Fangames Wiki. Maybe in the future I'll make a completely original fangame using Quest. Anyway, here are some screenshots!

Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback! I'll be hanging around the forums for the remainder of making this game, or at least, until I lose interest in making it, which hopefully won't happen.

It's probably going to have references to other games I like. Some will be subtle, and some not so much (like a character from a game blatantly showing up.) So far the only games I've decided to reference are, of course, Yume Nikki and EarthBound. I'll continue to post updates here.

If you're posting a game release, it might be a good idea to include a link to the game itself. People can't easily offer feedback unless they can try it.

Oh sorry.

Here you go!

For now, the game will only be available to people who view this forum post. I would recommend reading the description before playing it.

Update: Added a room for the green door in the nexus. The green door leads to another hub world within the hub world. This new hub world has 8 areas to choose from, in the style of a Mega Man stage select.

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