Fantasy Life: Take 2

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Starting Over
This is my 2nd attempt at making this game. I had stopped working on the original a while ago as I simply wasn't happy with what the project had turned into.

After about 6-7 months of reflecting on what went wrong, I now feel comfortable enough to restart the project.

I've made a very barebones MVP (there's literally only 1 quest), and published the project. I wanted to go ahead and put it out there so that I could incorporate any feedback and ideas during development.

The player can specify world size, the number of civilizations per race, and the number of settlements per civilization. The game world is randomly generated based on these specifications.

Once generated, the player is placed in a random region, where they'll have to explore until they come across a location.

After entering the location, the player can join a guild (Courier's Guild) and start doing quests for the guild.

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What's New

  1. Player can specify the starting number of NPCs
  2. Player can choose their character's race and culture
  3. Player can either enter their character's first and last name or generate a first and last name based on their culture

The main focus for this update was to add NPCs into the game.

NPCs have one of the following work traits: First Shift, Second Shift, or Third Shift. If its currently time for them to work they'll perform actions related to their Role, which is randomly selected during NPC generation. If its not time for them to work they'll randomly travel the game world.

Courier NPCs are the only ones that'll actually work currently. Courier NPCs join the Courier's Guild, accept quests (there's still only 1 quest), and will attempt to complete their quest during their shift.

What's Next

  1. Allow Player to cancel quests
  2. Add Guild reputations
  3. Make it where Guild members with bad reputations have a chance to get kicked out of the guild
  4. Allow ex Guild Members to repair their bad reputations by paying a fee

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What's New

  1. Player and NPCs reputations with guilds are tracked.
  2. Player can now cancel quests, which results in negative reputation points with the associated guild.
  3. Guild members have a chance of being kicked out whenever they cancel / fail a quest.
  4. Player can forage for items.
  5. Added attributes and skills.
  6. Player can choose from 2 different leveling systems at the start of the game: XP or Point.

What's Next

  1. Make Forager and Well Worker NPC's functional.
  2. Add wells to locations that the Player and NPC can interact with.

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What's New

  1. Forager and Well Worker NPCs are now functional.
  2. Player can get water from wells that are in locations.
  3. Disabled NPC movement messages. They slow the game down when you use the wait command.

What's Next

  1. Player can buy/sell items at a location's market.
  2. Allow Player to choose a role. Roles affect starting stats and items.
  3. Add Thief role.
  4. Add Thieves guild.
  5. Add banking system

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What's New

  1. Player can buy/sell at markets
  2. Added Perception attribute
  3. Added Gem Cutting, Mining, Pickpocketing, and Stealth skills
  4. Added Thief role.
  5. Added Thieves guild
  6. Player can pickpocket others
  7. Added Miner role
  8. Added Jeweler role
  9. Player & NPCs can mine
  10. Player & NPCs can cut gems
  11. Player can choose a role during character creation. Roles affect starting stats and items if the player is using the xp leveling system

What's Next

  1. Make it where NPC Thieves complete quests
  2. Add Banking System
  3. Add Kleptomaniac personality trait
  4. Allow NPCs to pickpocket others
  5. Allow Player and NPCs to steal from markets
  6. Add Location reputations

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