Games that require you to make your own dice rolls?

I'm playing through Star Wars: Star Destroyer and I'm really liking how it has a system where it asks you to keep track of your own stats and roll your own dice. It feels like I'm playing a table top game with a friend more so than built in RPG systems.

Well... Fighting Fantasy books used doing this, but because it was a serie of physical books. Someone around did it recently, but I believe the designer did it because at the time, this person was unaware about how to random numbers in Quest and wanted to complete the project and focus on the story, what was moreimportant than programming. You still can do it, and it is not a bad thing. But honestly, I believe most people will do as I did last month playing a Fighting Fantasy book at Steam: took notes on wordpad and used an online dice roller. I believe rolling the dice like speeds up things for the players, but I understand your argument about the mood. I support you having a try and working on a project like this, but remember you may end limiting yourself, like not ramdomizing secret things and the like. But it is all about the project. I say: go for it!

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