CALLING ALL IF FANS: Please fill in this survey!

Hello all!

So, this is my first post on this site. I'm a Masters student studying Games and I'm doing some research about Interactive Fiction games. If you would all be so kind to, I would love if you got involved in this survey.

The survey itself is about 3 minutes, but it does require you to play Zork for a little bit (5 mins min). So, anyone willing to dedicate some time to this survey I will be so very grateful as it's really important for my research.

Thanks for reading (and taking part, if you do).

A first post and a suspicious link. Why should we trust you?

The link looks okay to me - though I must admit I have not tried it - looks like a legitimate site that runs online surveys, and the random characters were probably assigned by the site when cosmokki set up the survey.

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