How Do You celebrate New Year 2021

As we all Know That New Year 2021 Is About To come And I have decided To celebrate this day with my friends to wear 2021 T-shirt We all wear 2021 Logo Tshirt And make this day wondering how you will celebrate this day share me your experience with me.

When I saw the title I was thinking this was 50/50 chance of being KV wishing everyone a happy new year, or a spambot.

I do like to celebrate St Egwin's day with a nice word salad.

Bought some stupid rpg games and regret it later.

Went to bed early on Dec 31, knowing from past years that Jan 1 will turn up whether or not I watch for it. Sure enough, I was right and next morning was the same as any other morning. Covid was still with us. Parts of the city were still in lockdown preventing us from going to our usual places of enjoyment.
So sat down at the computer and read through all the forums to which I subscribe.
Life goes on although in a dimished form.

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