Twine upload trouble

Hey there, I'm trying to add a game I built in Twine 2, but things aren't working out.

If I just upload the HTML, it works fine, but I need to include two folders for audio and images to appear. Zipping them all together should work, I think, but this error crops up.

Googling and searching the forum hasn't brought any possible solutions. Any help with this is much appreciated!

Ooh . . .

That one is over my head. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than myself (a simple puppet) will soon post a possible solution.

I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks Grue! Hope so too :D

You know, you may have better luck if you were to ask this on intfiction, as that crowd tends to use Inform 7 and Twine. (This community is more about Quest and Squiffy.)

How do i save a Zork position?

How do i save a Zork position?

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