How do you become a moderator?

Hi! I know there aren't a lot of moderators since it takes forever to get your game categorized, but I'm sure lots of people would be willing to help, including me! So how do you become a moderator? I'm asking here and contacting the owners, so I'll post what they say here!

I was given that title a long while ago. Prior to the current admin even. Been a while since I’ve been active and even longer since I have placed games. The problems are:

  1. It takes a while to sit and categorize and it’s a hobby (not a paid job).
  2. Wading through the awful (and by awful I mean... make me want to jump out of a window awful)... games that are published on this site may be the biggest gaming turnoff in the gaming world.
  3. The overwhelming games (be them awful or not) largely come from two genres - animal simulation stuff or adult games. Neither are anything close to my taste (no offense), so that kind of doubles the deterrent.

For those people who are SERIOUS about making a decent game I would suggest one of two (or both) of these options:

  1. In the game announcement forum, state the genre/game description, ask for testers, make adjustments based on feedback, and THEN submit for publication.
  2. Contact me (or any other mod directly through pm) and ask for it to be categorized.

Be warned... I am a grumpy old soul and am quite critical. Ask me by all means to review and comment, but my genre is relatively narrow and I really, really dislike poor grammar and game design. But, if it seems quality and complete, despite the genre, I will place it accordingly. Ask if you have questions. Happy gaming!

I presume that ultimately it will be something I can do, though I do not know to yet...

I think I would expect a potential moderator to have a significant and helpful presence on the forum or to have made some significant games or to have reviewed a good number of games.

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