What counts as "illegal" in terms of sexual content?

Hello! I have read an earlier forum post on allowed sexual content but I was confused by the use of the word 'illegal'. Can I write about crimes that are illegal irl in a sexual setting, or is it just (british, i assume, from .co.uk) obscenity laws that determine what is banned? (Bonus question: what specifically (written word) is known to be illegal on gamebooks under obscenity laws? They're a bit vague.... its ok if you cant answer this one like a lawyer, I'm expecting you to answer like a user/moderator lol, i just don't want to cause mods trouble) Thanks

If you are just worried about specific words, I would say as long as you give a warning, it does not even need to go in the adult category. I have a work in progress with the F-word in it, and I would not consider that to be "adult".

If you are talking about generally illegal activities, like breaking into a house, no problem. Committing murder may go a bit further and need a warning.

If the game describes (rather than just mentions) sexual acts it should go in the adult category. If those acts are illegal then that is a no-no. Only between consenting adults basically, no kids, no animals.

Hope that is clear enough.

Ah, thank you! That's the answer i needed.

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