Why is there 20MB File Limit?

Output file size is over 20MB. Consider reducing the size of any image or sound files, and delete any unused files from the game > folder.

You may not be able to upload this file to textadventures.co.uk.

Like, this is literally the only place I can host the file as far as I am aware... :( I'm trying to make a game for a game jam, and this engine has angered me so many times. >:(

Probably because hosting is expensive, and I can't imagine the ads on the forum pay much.

If your game includes a lot of images or sound files, you could host them elsewhere.

I know how to fix this.
Step 1: Download finished .quest file.
Step 2: enter Itch.io
Step 3: Upload the .quest file there as a project.
Step 4: in the installation instructions, tell the user to download the quest software and run the game using Quest Desktop
Step 5: submit to game jam.
bang, submitted.

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