Limited conversation topics and hours

I forgot something in yesterdays post, "Add-on to a board game". I hope it's okay I put all of it in a new forum topic:

I have decided to use the Conversations library (ConvLib) to add a conversation with a character.
The players are shown 4 topics they can choose from/click on.

Here's what I'd like to be able to:

1: I want two of the topics to require that the player has 5 or more points before they can click of those two topics.

2: And where do those points come from? Well, the player has to ENTER how many points he or she has when opening the game. I'm build a board game where the players earn points, and then they scan a QR-code that opens the Quest-page/game. Here, they enter how many points they have earned. And then, when they are presented with the 4 conversation topics (see #1) the script will make sure that if they click on a topic that requires 5 or more points they are given an error message.

3: And, as mentioned in my previous post, "Add-on to a board game", it would be great if, every time the players open a conversation topic, an hour (-1 hour) is subtracted from a total of 10 hours. And when the player has used his 10 available hours there is a message saying "You have run out of time."

Any help with this would be amazing.
Thank you,

It seems the ongoing thread concerning this one is here:

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