Copy Pasting Code

I am working online and finding it impossible to copy and paste code from one object to another. In one case I pasted three lines of code to a second object, but almost always, even when pasting a single message of three sentences, I get an error message, and my game page resets itself, sending my cursor back to game. Would I have better luck transferring code within an offline engine, instead of working online. Alternatively, is there something I can do to make it work online, or offline, more well?

Are you copying the code in code view? This should work, so long as the code you're pasting is complete. Mismatched { or } might cause issues.

The online editor specifically has a bug where code that contains < or > within a string can't be entered in code view; you might have to replace them with some other character (I use « and ») and then search for those in the GUI view to replace them.

If the second problem is the one that's causing issues, you might be better off using the offline editor (assuming it's available for your OS).

If neither of these apply, could you show us a piece of code that's causing this problem? We might be able to figure out what the problem could be. You can paste a multiline code snippet on the forum by putting a line that just contains three backticks above and below it.

You were right. Getting rid of every
made it work. Thanks for your advice.

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