how to make radios with a list of channels, each with their own content?

wanting to make radios like fallout 4 pip boy radio.
name of item is Military Grade Radio, mgrp, or just "radio"
channels have random things to say, and news varies on events in the world.
no real sound played with dialogue from radio, so the radio can say things like the player's name if they do something known in the world.
you don't select from which radio stations exist, you simply change the channel until you hit a good integer, which says things off a list.
how do I do this :/


I see this post got lost in the shuffle.

I'm not the best at this, but I whipped up a very basic example game (with a very, vary basic way to handle channels).

Right-click to save the file, then open in Quest to check everything out, or click to view (it's full code view of the example game):

I use a string for the radio's channel_list attribute, which requires consecutive numbers starting from 0 as channels, separated in that string with ;.

That's really not the best way to handle it. The best way would be a dictionary, but I don't know how complicated you want it to be. (I don't play Fallout. I play real games, like Pac-Man. (I'm just kidding, but I really don't play Fallout; so, I don't know, but I assume it is much more complicated than my example will allow.)

Anyway, now that I've posted a mediocre solution, someone else will probably swoop in with something better (which I welcome; not being negative there). Said notable will probably require more information about how certain aspects of your game currently work, whether you're using the desktop version of Quest, and a few other things.

Good luck, and happy gaming!

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