Become a Warrior Cat! Play the game now!

Hi, guys! Do you want to see what you'd be like if you were a warrior cat? Check out my game to find out! Copy the link below to enjoy.

DESCRIPTION: Ever wonder what you would be like if you were a warrior cat? Now you can find out! Just follow the instructions and have fun! Use your personal information (like name, favorite things, hair color, etc.) to become a cat! Will you be a beautiful kittypet, hoping for her true love? Or an ordinary, boring apprentice who has a hidden, adventurous side? Find out now!

I touch on some of this in my review of your game, but I wanted to expand on that and open a conversation.

This reminds me of Jungian personality types, or the Myers-Briggs personality sorter based on them, especially in the Clan determination. I would guess that you are familiar with it, but if you're not, you should look it up, you might enjoy it.

The issue with this as a work of interactive fiction is partially stated in its placement in the sandbox: not enough choices. You actually have quite a few choices here, but you have laid everything out so that we can see it, instead of actually implementing the choices into the design. I might guess that you did this so that we could have the fun of reading it all, which I did, and it was! However, it should really make us actually choose, and then only tell us what our own results are, making the calculations internally, instead of us taking notes as we go. If we want to see other outcomes, we'd have to play it again (replay value!).

It would be fun to see more possibilities for the scars. Perhaps you could combine the nail polish question with whether we usually wear make-up or something about how we dress (clothes would be more inclusive for boys, as not many of us wear make-up or nail polish, although I did the latter a couple of times just for fun).

This feels like a character generator that should come at the start of a game about playing some variety of cat-person. Perhaps an updated version should go at the start of your full adventure?

As I was writing this, I went and found you do in fact have the start of a full adventure going! So I played that.

It needs a little polish, but I like it so far. It would be fun to see an adapted version of Become a Warrior Cat! as a character generator go at the start of it.

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