Can you post a Windows-created game to a personal web page?

Hi - I am new to this and did not see this question covered in the forums.

If I create a game using the Windows-based Quest program, can I later upload the entire game to a personal webpage?

yes, you can. However remember that in order anyone may play it, the given person has to get Quest intalled in the machine. Quest has not an option to create a self excecutable file. Anyone still needs the software to interpret game files.

Deckrect is correct.

Alternatively, you can upload your game to this site. Then, link to your game on this site from your personal webpage so it can be played online. (This site can play Quest games, but no other sites can. This site has all sorts of stuff on the server to handle Quest games.)

I advise against this, though. The games run smoothly when the player has Quest installed on their machine. That cannot always be said about games running online from this site.

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