Using the Text Adventure to make a Gamebook

I want to use the features included with a Text Adventure so that I can have certain variables and better control of the environment in general, but I hit a roadblock pretty early.

Either the links are broken or I'm just silly, but I can't figure out how to put a hyperlink to another room at the bottom of the page. I don't like the exits displayed on top, and I want it to appear like a gamebook would (With choice text than links to the next decision). To clarify, how do I display a choice (I took away the command bar) that will move the player from one room to another?

I'm very bad at text comprehension so visuals would be very appreciated.

Are you using Pixie's library?

Nope because I'm new to the website. Thanks a ton for this!

In the UI, Game, Room Descriptions tab,
There is a Room description layout section.
You can control the order the objects are displayed...
(or hidden if set to "0")

Is that want you are asking?

The way to do this is to write a command that moves the player to another room then use the text processor to display the command as a clickable link.


Would be

{command:whateveryoucalledit:go east}

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