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Hi there! I'm new to Quest and have been diving into the code to contribute to the accessibility of the desktop version. I'm blind and the desktop version isn't properly accessible to screen reader users (I know the devs are aware of this due to the issue on GitHub). I've forked my own copy and I've had some success labeling the fields and dropdown boxes. However, there are some components that have yet to be converted from WinForm to WPF and some comments in the code indicate that this is planned.

I was wondering if any of the contributors on the project can give me some insight into whether this is in progress. From the seems of it, the WinForm portions of the editor are the most inaccessible and that would be a lot easier to fix with WPF (from what I can tell. As you can probably guess, I'm no expert in UI-specific scripting languages).

If there is a better way to get in contact with the active developers on the project, please also let me know what that might be.



I'm not a maintainer, but I do know that the Quest maintainer is currently working on Quest 6, which will be completely different than Quest 5. I've been wondering if there will be one final update to Quest 5 before the new version is released. I imagine there will be one last release which fixes all the currently known bugs, but I wouldn't bet that anyone is planning to work on converting anything WinForm to WPF. One (big) reason Quest 6 is completely different than Quest 5 is Quest 6 will be completely Javascript based. Quest 5 is Windows-dependent (e.g. WinForms and WPF, etc.), and the world seems to be moving on from Windows -- especially those of us who enjoy coding.

I'm pretty sure Quest's maintainer mentioned that he wanted Quest 6 to be fully accessible, though, if that's any consolation.

Also, if you fork Quest 5 on GitHub and add a few fixes, there's a pretty good chance your commits would be merged (as long as you run all the tests and make sure one fix doesn't cause 100 new issues, which is what usually happens to me).

Anyway, like I say, I'm not really in charge of anything around here. The maintainer (who is currently taking control of the entire site and working around the clock to make that transition as smooth as possible) will eventually and see this thread and chime in.

Have a nice day (or night, whatever the case may be in your neck of the woods)!

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