Quest 6

I have been trying to find a definite answer to my question but no luck. I read about Quest 6 being able to turn a Quest created game into an html file, similar to the way Twine saves games.

Is this true?

Is the online version on this site, Quest 6? If not, where is it?

When I create a game with the online version and download it, it saves as a zipped Quest file, not in any sort of compiled form.

Hope that makes sense and TIA.


Pix answered some of those questions here. There's also a link to the file repo:

Hi Michelle

The situation is a little complicated because the Quest 6 editor is still under development. The editor uses a format that is similar to Quest 5, and can, to a degree, convert Quest 5 games. Where it is lacking is converting scripts - it will have a go, but you will need to go though it by hand. It does indeed output an HTML page that can be uploaded to this web site or put on your own web site.

Quest 6 without the editor is ready to use, and does everything Quest 5 does and more besides. This is more of a framework, and rather than outputting an HTML page, it is the HTML page. It does have a translator, which you can find here, but has the same issues as the editor, though it is more up-to-date, so will work a little better. That said, this version does not translate settings for the user interface.

In summary, if your game has very few, or no, scripts, it would be worth a go, and I would be interested in following your progress so the translator can be tweaked (so far I have only tried it on a couple of games).

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