Object pronouns and Subject

Just quickly documenting this here as I've just coded it...

In Quest 5 (and earlier versions), there are two attributes "gender" and "article". They are both misnamed - the first one is really "subject pronoun" and is usually it/he/she/they, and the second one is really "object pronoun" and is usually it/him/her/them.

They are used in constructing default responses like "You can't take it".

In QuestKit, these are renamed properly - we now have subjectpronoun and objectpronoun.

In Quest 5, you normally wouldn't set these directly. Instead, you would choose from a type - "inanimate object", "female character" etc. This would set the default values by inheriting from an object type.

In QuestKit, we don't have object types - there is no inheritance. Instead, there are functions for working out default values. These are calculated by looking at two easier-to-set and now-correctly-named attributes, which are "gender" and "plural". "gender" for English is now "male", "female" or blank. Other languages may allow other options. Plural in English just a boolean, as it will be for most languages, although I know some of them actually have other options.

Other languages will need to give their own implementations.

One other change this introduces is that the plural attribute is taken into account for the default object prefix - it now defaults to "some" for plural objects, which seems sensible to me

I would suggest you also need possessive - his, hers, yours - and possessive adjective - his, her, your, and for completeness reflexive - himself, herself, yourself.

You also should ideally be able to handle I, you, he, she, it and they, as well as a mass noun (eg some underwear). Also, flag if it is a proper name, and therefore should not be prefixed with "the", "a" or "some"

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