QuestJS (custom version from KV)

Hi everyone,
I had a post in another forum and was told this was the place to go for QuestJS support now.

To summarize:
5 years ago, KV helped me out with a project and customized a version of QuestJS. By the time things were complete, I could convert with QuestJS and only have to alter the html and css files for my needs. Previously some code chunks had to be shifted upwards in game.js

Now that I am coming back to this stuff, I exported a game for conversion the other day and had all kinds of problems. Once I realized I was using the wrong version of QuestJS, I switched to the last one KV sent me (like 6.4.7 or something), and the game converted just fine, except for the Verblinks not working (and other hyperlinks). The game displays: "I don't understand your command." whenever you click on one of those links. They worked before, but I cannot see why they are not working now.

Does anyone know where that particular code is or where it should be? Or perhaps there is something preventing the code from working...? (should I just use the latest QuestJS maybe? Or QEdit?)

Thanks in advance!

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By the way, I am glad development continued after KV finished helping me. :)

By the way, I am glad development continued after KV finished helping me. :)

It did not. There are two (or three?) QuestJS. Alex started two new versions of Quest before he abandoned it altogether. One was a tool for converting Quest 5 games so they play in the browser and that must be what KV got working for you. I think he had started another project too. One of these was QuestKit, thinking about it.

Modern QuestJS is something else. A new version of Quest I am developing myself. Conversion from Quest 5 may be possibly - certainly in some limited sense - but it is not what you were using.

So you probably have the most advanced version of that QuestJS, which is probably not what you wanted to hear.

Yeah, I remember KV mentioning that the QuestJS we were working with would be the last, but it is possible he started up QuestKit. We fell out of touch after my project was finished, but I know he experienced catastrophic data loss near the end. I did manage to hold onto the source for 6.4.8 though, in case you want that for anything or something.

Overall, I am glad that Quest is still being developed in some form, in any case. There is nothing else like it, and it is quite powerful with pretty good support too. Not just KV, but a lot of you gave me support too and probably got tired of hearing from me. :O

I did download the QuestJS version you posted TP, (Quest 6), and the conversion did have a few hiccups. Mainly items that were two or more words caused errors, and any ASK functions could not be used, also If/Else/Else If did not work. Everything else seemed to convert. However, without clearing the ASK error, and any If/Else/Else If statements I was unable to try out the game itself.

Is that something you, or someone else, could offer some guidance with, and if so, would you like me to post the error(s) here or Github?
Or would I be better off re-creating the whole game using Quest 6?
Or am I on my own?
Or some other option I did not think of?
(What is your choice, Adventurer? Lol)


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