Amazing advertisement sneak

It began as an honest question about saving game, but after the attention goes down, it pasted many advertisement scenic photos, local delicacies and favourite tourist spots, and of course, many links to their stupid website

I dunno if I am reporting because I want it to be removed or that I am simply wowed XD

Yeah, they tend to do that :(

Mostly they seem to be copies of old posts, which are edited to gain ads once they're old enough for the mods not to notice. But these days, it looks like some of the spammers are using AI to edit them.


  1. hsika

Malicious website:

  1. redrocket2000

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to create a bot that finds advertisements in the forum

  1. All bots have no access to real-time browsing, meaning I tell them to check on this forum right now and they says "unable"
  2. You need Web Scraping or Data Aggregation to dig all info from a website manually and post into the bot to find anomalies
  3. You need parameters to tell the bot what to find and what links counts as advertisements which is logically hard

So, I hand click checked all the threads in the 1st page of each forum category of the 1st post and found only two sus
But I learned that

  1. The advertisers doesn't have to be the original poster, therefore it is required to scan through all posts instead of the 1st post, which is too much workload, Im not going to do that =D
  2. Some advertisers have the ability to make ad games + post on forum, but the games were already removed, so the mods here already knows about it
  3. Some sus wants you to sign up on external websites, which can be dangerous as it means you potentially give your email to the email scam and spam agents, but I could be wrong on this

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