Something odd is going on with reviews

Alright, it could be i'm interpreting something into all of this, but i think there is something going on with reviews here.

First of all, i stumbled across this on the main page. I haven't played the game, only saw it got people writting reviews. Infact, twice the same review by different users. At the same time.

If you ask me, this looks like bot activity. Atleast in the case of the user Mercedez ( who is mimicking the posts of user Billie ( word for word.

And there is a second thing, the reviews of this game:

Again, i haven't played it, but just look at the reviews. First, there is obviously some formatting failure here with the sesquipedalian inputs. But that isn't what cought my attention:

Its this thing whole thing about "Hahaha GET TROLLED", both in the review by China_FBI and then a user with similar name showing up right after... and China_FBI even admits to be an alt account (are alts allowed on this site?).

I really don't know what is going on here, and don't want to be an obnoxious vigilante roaming the site... but if i see something odd, making a forum post is the only way, since theres no way to flag something for moderators to investigate.

Hi Zecs.

I would not give it much importance, they seem to be accounts of some kind of school and they are trolling between them, even so I will be asking for it

Alright. I might have been overly paranoid since the recent empestment with bot accounts, and jumped the moment i saw some account mimicing another one.

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