Separate reviews?

Probably a long shot but, is there any way to have a separate review section for all the smutty games. I don’t understand why they are overwhelming favored but... that’s another can of worms.

To me, it’s just a little disheartening when quality games are buried in the reviews and comments section of the main page and 90% of the smut games are total crap and are 19 of every 20 reviews/comments.

Just a thought.


Actually, just making the filter for the adult section cnsequent would do the trick. If i'm not logged in, or my account is not 18+ yet, the adult section is (supposed to be) hidden from me.

I can't understand why this isn't the case for the main page "feed".

I'm certainly a little more than 18 (about 3.5 times more) but don't see why minors are able to see and comment on these "games". I know it is partly that there is no guaranteed way to check the validity of someone claiming to be an adult. On the other hand, perhaps we could hide any games & comments/"reviews" and only make them available to those that choose to. Not sure how hard that would be on this website we inherited from Alex as he certainly left out a lot of things that are becoming increasingly more desired.
If they can't be turned off/hidden, then perhaps a filter that defaults to omit them and then those who want to get their kicks will have to click a few more times in order to get to them.

Just my thoughts but I'm sure there is a silent majority that would agree.

The thing is: such a filter does already exist. It just doesn't work properly.

My account has no age given (therefor it defaults to <18), and if it weren't for the main page's News Feed, i couldn't navigate to the adult games. (Unless provded a link to which should be enough to keep most users out.)

But the News Feed isn't making such distinctions.

Neither does the "Work in Progress" category nor the Sandpit. I still can browse them freely and see whatever adult IF can be found there.

It has already been brought up, but having some sort of PEGI-like age rating system would certainly do good for the site. The game i'm currently working on is defenitly not suited for minors (It's Cosmic Horror), but tagging it "adult" would be a step too far, especially given the categories actual meaning...

I'm glad to see this topic revived after discussion last year ( I'm sure the current news feed material is setting the tone for the site. Surely SOMETHING can be done for those who really don't want to see it. As it stands I can't recommend the site to anyone of any age.

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