Delete/Unpublish Published Games

I wish there was a way to delete or unpublish some of my published (SQUIFFY)games. I use this site as a teacher to make escape rooms for my students and sometimes I find errors that need to be fixed ASAP. I cant just save/edit my (SQUIFFY) games as it takes a few hours before the update is "live". So I end up making a new version and then publish the new version. There are some games where I have 5-6 versions of the same games from updates throughout the day. If I could unpublish my games I could delete them, or update them and the republish would push the update live quicker I would assume.

I wish I could "clean up" my work space. Since I cant, if an admin could clean up my space by deleting my "DELETE ME" files that would be awesome.

After a day of frantically fixing your previous games, you can start creating new games by writing over your old buggy copies of games.

But, yeah, it makes no sense that you can't delete old games or even edit reviews and comments. Of all the dumb things to not allow!

Might help

Game removed

Name that 'index.html' and upload to replace game wanted deleted


Server updates after time

GW Grue,

I tried your idea with an old game listing. Why would that eventually delete the game and game listing? I'll check tomorrow to see if it worked.

Message the name of the games you want to delete, and I will do it for you.

I am in the process of taking over management of the site and just today got the ability to do this, so it will be interesting o see how it goes...

Why would that eventually delete the game and game listing?


It will not

This replaces old game with page that says "Game removed"

Forgot to say to change game listing settings in Update Game Details after uploading new HTML file


"Game removed"

Who can access this game?

"Only people I give the link to"

Now game not listed and link leads to "Game removed"

Only way to delete is contact site with link to game to delete

Mods take long time to delete

Mods' priorities:

  • Categorize new games
  • Moderate forum
  • Everything else

GW True,

I see. shenry wanted a way to declutter his list of games in the "create" tab.

The Pixie,

Congratulations! I don't care how people rave about Twine. Squiffy is better. You've inherited an amazing thing.

I do recommend that you make a way for us to delete old games, reviews and comments:

  1. There are so many games people want to delete. Squiffy and Quest are for learners after all. You'll never have time for anything else if you personally have to do this for us every time.

  2. Some of my reviews reflect the state of the game before the author made major improvements. I wanna be able to give them credit and encouragement.

It's so great to hear from you! Things seemed a little in limbo for a while there.

They are still in limb, though it does look like we are getting there. I still do not have the ability to change the forum code - I do not even know what language it was written! One day...

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