Found a bug at the main page.

Greetings staff!

I just found a reproducable issue at your main page. It involves the clickability of the "Last Played" previews. These happen to behave oddly, and are often not interactable, and if they do, only small portions of the preview picture can be clicked.

It's of course nothign dramatic, but something you probably should be aware of. If this isn't reporducable on your end, i probably can provide pictures or a video, together with my specs and set-up.

Hello Zecs. It's correct.

Only the title of game is clickable. I will see how I can solve it to make the image also clickable.

Thanks for the report!

Solved, better now?

I report a minor issue and no 3 days later is is completely fixed? I though that's against IT-physics.

Yes, it's better now. Great news!

They still could use a preview when hovering over like the other games on the main page, but that's in conflict with the rotating of the titles, so whatever.

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