Is there a list of rules for submissions anywhere?

I'm wondering what I can put in a game, and don't want to submit something that will upset the mods or get my account banned or whatever. Specifically, I had an idea for a game where you play as a teenager living under strict parents, not allowed to date, but you are "hot to trot", so to speak, and so your goal is to sneak out of the house, go to a big party, hook up with someone and, um, get frisky, and then get back into the house without getting caught. Would such a game be acceptable, and if so, how, um, detailed can I get about the friskiness? Or should I stick to tamer stuff (most of my story ideas are of the latter sort)?

I don't think there's a published policy, and a high proportion of games on this site include adult content of one kind or another.

However, I believe there was some law passed recently making it an offence to host content depicting a minor involved in sexual activity. That probably applies to written content too; although I don't think it's been tested in court yet, as most sites have been scared enough to take down anything that might be a problem. So, you need to either make sure the character is an adult ("Why do my parents treat me like a little kid? I'm 18 already!") or stop short of including sex.

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