Changing text and background color

I’ve been trying to see if I could change the background and text color on Squiffy and so far, everything I’ve tried just didn’t work. I’m unsure if I’m doing something wrong, which is highly likely, as I am new at this. Can anyone help?

Here's the code I use:

    set("newColorFlg"); //new color flag = black background
    jQuery('<style>', {id: 'customstyle'}).appendTo('head').text("body {background-color: black; color: LawnGreen;}");

    jQuery('#customstyle').append("a.squiffy-link {color: MediumSpringGreen;}");
    jQuery('#customstyle').append("a.squiffy-link.disabled {color: SlateBlue !important;}");
    jQuery('#customstyle').append("a.squiffy-header-link {color: white; text-decoration: underline !important;}");    

Also, you can get more colors from this site:

You should be able to use a test program to set up your background and font colors using the above. Good luck!

Note - you gotta use the BUILD function and go into a browser. Otherwise, it won't work on RUN.

Thank you very much!

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