Is it possible to subtract one variable by another?

I need a health system and i was trying out something and i need to know, is it possible to subtract one variable from another?
whenever i tried to do it i put:
@set test1 = 2
@set test2 = 1
and then in a different passage i put:
@dec test1 {test2}
and it put:
@dec test1 1
in the text box rather than setting test1 to 1, so how do i fix this?

Not sure, but I think @dec test1 {test2} might be @dec test1 @test2.

@set test1 = 4
@set test2 = 1

{@[email protected]}

Test 1 is {test1}.

Beat me to it. Good answer!

If Squiffy ever actually publishes mrangel's updates, it would also be good to reorganize the the documentation. This nugget is a bit hard to find.

Thanks, Bluevoss! Love your games.

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