Lines missing during preview.

First time using the program. Have about 200 lines down, but when I get to one of the branches while previewing they don't show up and the story can't continue.

Your options are admittedly slim. You could [[turn yourself in to the police]] or
[[become a fugitive]] .

That line just doesn't show up during previews.

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you show the code around the part that's misbehaving? Do the lines before and after it display fine? How about if you move that line elsewhere in the section temporarily? That could help to test if it's a problem with the line or something around it.

The online version has a somewhat small memory limit. Use the offline version.

I admit I'm curious to see what this is.

It seems IFforClassroom was right. It was the just the memory limit. Everything's fine on my end now. Thanks all! Sorry for the dumb question.

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