Help with using drop boxes with submit

I was able to add a drop box to choose your gender for the game with a submit button using
It allows me to add a drop box menu and a submit button but when I try to link that submit button to allow me to complete the gender, nothing happens. I click the drop box menu to choose a gender and when I click on the gender I want (male or female) and I click submit, nothing happens. I got the drop box menu code from ai but everything they give me to complete the submission of being able to choose your own gender, it doesn't work, I press submit and it does nothing, I am really confuse on how to complete the gender dropbox menu. If someone could help, I would greatly appreciate it!

Can you show the code you are using? We can't see a link to your editor. If you paste code into the forum, put three backticks (```) on a line of their own above and below it, so the forum will show the code and not mess it up.

There should be no need to use a submit button, as you're not sending anything back to the server. Most input codes that people use with Squiffy have a normal section link to click on when you are done.

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