The Walking Dead by HarjKS

You find yourself trapped in the zombie apocalypse, it's been a week and the city of Savannah has collapsed. Rumours about a new survival group named 'Crawford' spread around yet it was too late, Savannah is now a 'dead zone' and you find yourself in its outskirts.

This will show how dangerous and horrendous the world around you is, as you try and find safety. But can you survive The Walking Dead?

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Review by Savio
14 Mar 2021
Linear plot, loads of typos, unintentionally jumps between past/present tense.

Review by FoxyPlayGamer435
10 Sep 2019
This is a quite interesting story here! I really was into it, i choice the 'f*ck' option in this place, and i got the good reaction... AWESOME!

Review by MrPikmin16
09 Jul 2017
It's such a shame this series was never finished because it's really good.

Review by Laufeia
29 Apr 2016
Enjoyed it. Want to see what happens next.

Review by mchambermich
06 Apr 2016
With only a couple of grammatical errors going against it, this is a great zombie story, and I wish that it was continued.

Review by LikeABoss!
01 Dec 2015
It is okay, a bit to long for my taste, yet short story wise. Plot is forced. No real character development and I didn't really like the ending (which isn't a bad thing, not all endings have good news or bad news)

Review by MysticWonderland
30 Nov 2015
Tons of grammar mistakes, no character development, kind of a forced plot, and kind of boring, but nonetheless okay. If it were slightly longer, with less grammar mistakes, and had a tad bit of character development, I'd defiantly give it 4 or 5 stars.

Review by Awesomnessgamer
05 Sep 2015
Cant wait for next episode

Review by TheKawaiiKing:3
15 Apr 2015
too long, i don't have/want to read all this bs.... 1 star

Review by TheChosenTwo
23 Feb 2015
I love it!

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