All Fur and No Fun by mschmetterer

1.0 goal: To reach the hollow tree with five different kinds of fur.

Hi Quest people. This is my first text adventure, and it was definitely more challenging than I anticipated. Maybe you experts can help me out. Some things I couldn’t figure how to do:
-combining multiple items to make into the All Fur coat. I ended up setting a long list of requirements for the tree to transform you into All Fur, but I would rather have the player be able to combine the furs together.
-how to have the princess wear different outfits. In the original tale there are coats of sunshine and moonshine that I would like to incorporate. My plan is to have the princess strategically switch between outfits to woo the warrior while she’s in hiding.
-how to transport the princess to a new land

Sorry about the million typos... I didn't realize there wasn't a spell check on the offline version.

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Review by Marzipan
23 Nov 2014
I almost gave this a 2, but the writing and descriptions were pretty good so I went with a higher just bothered me to read the description and see you were clearly aware the game had issues and decided to post it anyway without fixing them.

I see a lot of unfinished games getting posted to this site, I'm not really sure why. I'm struggling with my own game right now so I know it can be hard to make them if you're new to Quest, but if you're having trouble figuring something out why not ask on the forums for help?

There were also a lot of issues with things like objects still being talked about in the room description after they'd been picked up, or still in my inventory after I used them. Fixing little issues like this would make the game seem a lot more polished and professional.

Otherwise I thought the storyline was pretty interesting, I'd never heard this particular version of the 'donkey skin' fairytale.

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Published 15 Aug 2014
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