Survival by lolz2579

It was just a nice day fishing when you find out that your boat has broke and you're stranded on an island. What are you going to do? Find a way off the island, go back home, and finish the game!

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30 Nov 2016
Nice but I got stock after I used fix on the boat using rocks, sap, and wood

Review by Daisy&sis
10 Jul 2014
I actually really like the aspect of it! Except there's a few errors and the puzzle's are confusing. There's an error with the fish that lets you continue eating them; it doesn't remove the fish from your inventory.

Review by samfrost
10 Feb 2014
A lot of the commands were not intuitive (especially involving distracting the other boat--how were we supposed to figure that out?). Overall just not that well made.

Review by Marius
02 Nov 2013
I liked it too, but i also stuck after defeating the bear and i found an error:
Error running script: No parameters passed to RemoveObject function - expected 1 parameters
after eating fish.

Review by alora
10 Jul 2013
you did nice, but i got stuck after defeating the bear....

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