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Fortunes blessings and many useful writing prompts awaiting the adventurous.
I hope you like the game. I hope some people will enjoy the writing tools,
and other treasures. After all, I have created a real AI, who tells the future
among other things.
It's more open play than linear, except for the need for "money", to see it all.
There is a casino room, some astrology, a kindly psychiatrist,
and, to my knowledge, nothing worse than that.
If you only enjoy really easy and snag free play,
I should probably tell you a few more things ahead of time.
[Don't look if you would rather try it on your own first.
See if you can miss the list directly below this casual warning.]

For Beginners (and Intermediate Players, I guess):
1. You have to look at the invitation. Do that first thing, as soon as you find it.
2. The casino is the only place to make money.
You want to have $12.00 after cashing in.
3. You can only cash in your coins in one room, the Bank Hotel.
4. The key has no verb "take". (I know. Why? Right? I mean,
I want to be able to lock my hotel room when I'm not in it.
Not that you actually ever need to, in this game, but I do that.)

And if you lose everything, in spite of the slightly player-slanted odds,
or, if you just want to begin differently, knowing what you didn't know,
before, there is nothing wrong with that. I mean, it is not super boring,
I don't think. And, if the "one-armed-bandit" does not always work correctly,
it has a mind of its own, in that it does sometimes work perfectly,
and other times,
at least it is a game of chance, not a game of skill.
So, save before messing with it,
and save after every lucky spin (if you want to (+10!)).
If you really want to always win and never lose,
or get ripped off by a broken machine, that is doable.

CoverArt collage was made from images
taken from https://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/pool/page1
by Donbergo and by Anna Moroni,
and from https://www.photosforclass.com/search/fairy%20tales
and my own.
Here is a link to the Whitesand song I borrowed some sound from-> https://youtu.be/adbrzBM2sfM
Here is a link to the Music Box song I borrowed some sound from-> https://youtu.be/R5mg-yrwp-U
Here is a link to https://onlinetonegenerator.com/

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