Three Doors by Harmony Valenka Smith

You have to find your way out through one of the doors. There are 14 possible endings, so be sure to explore them all. This shall be rated T for safety since there are some intense scenes.
Review by GameofChocolate
16 Jul 2017
By the 3rd door I got tired of just entering doors aimlessly.

Review by JC-R
25 Feb 2016
A really nice game!
We need more games like this one

Review by bcpraw
07 Jan 2016
I thought it was a very nice little game. I think there should be more choices in the hallways, not just about the doors. It felt like there was only 3 things that could happen, and no room for variation. That said, it was very detailed and quite enjoyable. The writing was detailed, yet to the point, and I enjoyed playing the game through multiple times to try and find the different endings. The game was short enough that this didn't feel like a chore, and the endings were varied enough that they didn't feel repetitive. All in all, nice job.

Review by ToastmasterLex
03 Jan 2016
The endings are nice but the game goes by too quickly. There could be much more detail and more exploration added.

Review by vicbrusal
25 Dec 2015
Well written, interesting and it has many different endings. Couldn't get any better.

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Written by
Harmony Valenka Smith

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Published 15 Dec 2015