Ofrenda a la Pincoya by Incanus

You're a young Chiloe's fisherman, trying to get your creek's favor back from la Pincoya (Game in Spanish).
Eres un joven pescador chilota que intenta recuperar el favor de la Pincoya para tu caleta.
Review by IFforClassroom
22 Jun 2018
If you can read Spanish, this game is a masterpiece. The documentation* alone is well worth reading. Textadventures.co.uk doesn't have a 'Mythology' category, but that's the real genre of this game. You play one of the last members of the Chiloe tribe (of the South American west coast) who is still living in the traditional way. Your goal is to become a Machi (shaman) and gain the right to interact with the Pincoya (spirit/goddess) to save your way of life. The frequent use of local dialect and Mapuche language builds the atmosphere beautifully. (And the documentation is helpful for understanding it.)

The one possibly unpleasant thing about the game is the boat you travel in. It's over-implemented and difficult to use. It's good for reminding you that your boat is your livelihood, but it can get irritating. It includes hints (type PISTAS) so at least you won't get stuck.


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