Aetherial Identity Rewritten by RikaDivani

This is my monster romance story with a nonbinary afab protagonist. I am being specific because I'm writing mostly from my own perspectives as a nonbinary afab person. I myself identify as more feminine, so that will probably color the experience of the protagonist.

There are four men you can romance and three women.

Navisdan for Vampire lovers who want a vampire with a twist. He also has a child for those of you who like the idea of marrying into a pre-started family.

Cobalt is a Naga. A snake person, for those of you who don't know who that is.

Melicanthe is something like an Incubus but with a twist-- that's the names they go by in the story but they're very different.

And lastly for the men is Symphony, a Merman/fishman. Think less Little Mermaid, more Shape of Water.

For the girls there's Belzepha, the black changeling fae princess.

Shayeri the widowed Shapeshifter Queen with a pair of twin adult children.

And Lavalle, the Attendant to Belzepha, who happens to be around the same age and is also a Fae! Though she's more like a wood nymph.
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